Why you should become an Android Developer .

Smart phones with android platform are growing rapidly in the global market. It is doing a steady business to compete the apple devices. Due to the high accession of such an advanced platform, android developers are on high need. These developers are being offered ample salary packages by various IT companies. Career as an Android developer is promising and exciting!:

Course Content

Android Introduction Overview

  • Introduction to Android Training Coverage and Learning Mobile Architecture Overview
  • Basic Concepts of OOPS in java
  • Application development options in a smartphone
  • Eclipse ADT
  • Android OS Technologies
  • Android Introduction
  • Array
  • How to install AVD
  • First Program in Android
  • Operators, Constant Values
  • Loops (For and While)
  • Classes in Android
  • Declaring an Activity Class Imp, Adding Instance Variables

Getting Started

  • Overview of Android and Android SDK
  • Getting to know your Android development
  • Environment
  • Setting the Android environment
  • Intents,Services,Content Providers

Adapter & Gallery

  • Class Methods and Instance Methods
  • List activity in Android
  • Array Adapter and Base Adapter in Android
  • Gallery in Android
  • Tab Bars

Android Architecture

  • Projects
  • External Projects
  • Packages
  • Providers

Core Projects O Bionic

  • Android Libraries
  • Android Runtime
  • Overview of the Android Development Environment
  • Android Application Model
  • Android Application Building Blocks
  • Application Design Guidelines
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Dalvik
  • Dexclassloaders
  • How Class Loading Happening
  • Vm Runtime
  • About Zygote Process and Purpose of the process
  • How Vmstack is used when applications are running
  • How to get stack traces

Intent & Services

  • Intent in Android
  • Notification Manager
  • broadcast receiver
  • Working in the Background
  • Dialog

Data Store & Sharing

  • File Handling
  • Shared Preferences
  • Data Sharing
  • Maps, Geocoding
  • Location-Based Services

Mini Project and Revision

  • Revision
  • Mini Project
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