What is mobile app development?

Mobile application development is termed as a process of developing application software for personal digital assistants or mobile phones. Basically this is app was installed on phones upon manufacturing platforms. The knowledge gained in SEO could be an effective way to start a well developed mobile application. To learn more of it Mxspert offers you mobile app development in Chandigarh.

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Course Details Of Android Development Training In Chandigarh

Mxspert solution offers the best training services on Android development in Chandigarh. More than that, they offer others courses specifically on Iphone Development Training in Chandigarh. The courses they offer are listed below.

Android Introduction Overview

  • Introductory to Android training and mobile architecture overview
  • Basic concepts of OOPS in java
  • Smartphone app development
  • Eclipse ADT
  • Introductory to android and its OS technologies
  • Array and how to install AVD
  • Android programs and its classes
  • Operators and constant values
  • Loops and activities on class Imp and adding instance variable

Getting started

  • Android overview and SDK
  • Environment and setting android with the environment
  • Intents, Services and content providers

Adapter and gallery

  • Class and instance methods
  • Activity list in Android
  • Array and base adapter in Android
  • Android gallery
  • Tab bars

Android Architecture

  • External projects
  • Package
  • Providers

Core Projects O Bionic

  • Android Libraries and Runtime
  • Android Development Environment Overview
  • Android Application Model and Building Blocks
  • Design Guidelines in application
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Dalvik and Dexclassloaders
  • Knowledge on Class loading happening
  • VM Runtime
  • Knowledge on Zygote Process and its purpose
  • How to use Vmstackif applications are running
  • How to get stack traces

Intent and Service

  • Android intent
  • Manager notification
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Working background
  • Dialog

Data Store and Sharing

  • File Handling
  • Shared preference
  • Data sharing
  • Maps and Geocoding
  • Location-Based service

During Android Development Training in chandigarh you will get a free domain for your practice with full access.Get 100% live project training by our industry experts.

What you will learn@Android Development Training In Chandigarh

  • Mxspert Android development training in Chandigarh gives knowledge to every individual who has the guts on gaining skills in with regards to android development, Iphone, and mobile app development in Chandigarh.
  • You will learn tools on how to create international standard website by your own.
  • The course in training helps students to take a big leap in their prospective career.

Manoj Kumar is the CEO and the Software Consultant who is the brain behind Msxpert Solutions. He has a necessary mentoring skills. In addition to managing and motivating people. A seasoned professional; he has extensive experience of managing an array of projects for clients all over the world. He is committed to helping people to move their careers in the right direction is a key element in developing people.

Manoj Kumar

CEO | Software Consultant at Msxpert Solutions

Certified ScrumMaster


Opportunities for Mobile Application Developers

  • The changing needs of mobile devices and applications opens the door for professional mobile application developers.
  • Android development training in Chandigarh provides skills enhancement to every student that will take them to the professional stage on developing android apps which was high demand in the field.
  • Iphone Development training in Chandigarh gives solution to the high demand developers need to develop iOS application and Iphone itself.
  • The Mobile App Development course in Chandigarh sustains their students the skills they should have which enable them to meet the needs of mobile application developers in the business sector.
  • The demand surges for apps to run in mobile phones gives opportunities to every single individuals that has the skills in IT and app development to gain the career they wanted to have.

100% Job Assured Web Courses
Msxpert Training offers 100% job placement assistance to our students in top MNC.

Why Msxpert Training

We can say that we are the best among any Android development training in Chandigarh, because we offer and give every student learning and knowledge they need to have to become a professional in the field. Some reason includes:

  • All lecture was delivered by our very own Mr. Manoj Kumar who has a reputable name of becoming an expert in his field.
  • No registration and the first 3 lectures are free
  • All trainings are in live projects
  • We provide certification for graduates and prepare them for interviews
  • We provide basic trainings in SEO/SEM
  • And we have 100% job assistance

Be an expert in Android development

Choosing the right path is your own choice but choosing Msxpert as a provider for learning’s on becoming an expert in Android development is a good choice. An expert in this field requires knowledge, expertise and love of your work.

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Learning@Msxpert Solutions

Msxpert Solutions has carved a niche for itself by offering the qualitative industrial training program for B.Tech, BCA, MCA and diploma students. The 6-month web development course is designed to prepare the students for the challenges in the field. After attending the comprehensive course, the students can develop simple to complex web applications, social networks and ecommerce websites. The ever-expanding web development industry offers a huge scope for the developers who have the ability. We train the students to use different platforms and web development tools that test and debug the code.


Course Details

Various technologies available for the web development training in Chandigarh include AJAX, JAVASCRIPT including JQuery, AngularJS, DRUPAL, ASP.net, CSS, HTML 5, PHP, WordPress, Node.js, etc. Our courses are designed by the experts who have extensive experience of web development and testing. From preparing the students for interview to developing their personality, our courses include everything that will offer you an edge over other job applicants. Our web development courses offer live projects for the practice of students.

We offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and outstanding classroom experience besides offering the best customer services. We ensure that when you leave our facility, you are equipped with all the skills and knowledge that you need for a successful learning experience. Our dedicated and friendly staff, enthusiastic instructors put in their best efforts to make you learn effectively.