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As i receive lots of emails everyday, asking about how to become a graphic designer and 2nd mostly asked question is, why to choose web Designing as a carrier option. So I decide to Answer both the questions here…

Lets understand the web Designing industry in India here

Web users in India

  • 251,998,872 +

  • 15,000,000 +

  • Number of internet users in India
    India is world number 1 country if it comes to growing number of internet users, The number of internet users in already double that Australian total population.

  • Total websites in India
    India is the already one of the favored place for investors and same is the case with offshore companies. Web designing is one of the most sought skill set in an employee.

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Some Interesting facts about Indian web industry

    • India is worlds second country having most number of internet user.
    • India become larger than the US in terms of number of Internet users.
    • Total users may increase to 500 Million by 2018.
    • 70 percent of web traffic (pageviews) comes from phones or tablets.
    • India will exceed the U.S. in the number of Web/ Designers and developers by 2017, a new report notes.
    • India is number one is producing the number of jobs for Web Designers, Web Developers and Digital Marketers.
    • India’s Software companies’ growth rate is Highest in word (32%).
    • 70% of internet users shop online.
    • Most of internet users use social media like facebook to interact.


Why Web/ Graphic Designer?

While choosing any job profession as our carrier the first thing comes to mind is, Job Opportunities.


Shortage of Web design Professionals

A research shows that Indian Software and web companies are facing shortage of web professionals by 70%. This means out of 10 job vacancies 7 are vacant.


In short web designing carrier is full of opportunities.

Still don’t believe me?

Take a look at the statement giving by Indians biggest software industry owner


Web designing industry is not only highly carrier provider in India what also provide to financial stability .salary hike and reputation in short time

Take a looks at below facts and stats

Average salaries of web/Graphic Designers







How to become a web / Graphics designer

Web designers are known for their innovation and Graphical sense.


    • However most web designer do one big mistake…!!!!!!!!

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Become A Web Designer