What is Web Development?

Web development refers to the process of creating and maintaining websites. This widely growing profession helps people establish themselves as web developers. Web development includes:

  • Web design
    Web Design is the most important and innovative process of creating websites. This process includes Webpage Layout, Content Production, and Graphic Design. Websites are mostly created using HTML.

  • Web programming
    Web Programming means writing coding part for web development. The most common example of web programming are HTML, XML, JavaScript and PHP Web programming is different from just programming .Web programming includes Web content ,Web client and Server scripting as well as security knowledge

  • Web publishing
    Web Publishing means placing a newly created website on web server. Web publishing is also called as online publishing. It includes Creating and uploading of Websites, Updating WebPages, Blogs Posting, Content Publishing, Media Uploading and creating etc.

  • Database management
    After creating, Programming and publishing a website the next thing that is important for web development is database management (DBMS). It is a system or software that is used to create and maintain database for website on web server.

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Difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer

People often misunderstand web designers as web developers, which is not truethe-difference-between-web-design-and-devlop. The web developer writes web scripts in languages such as ASP, PHP besides designing a website.

An efficient web designer maintains and updates the databases used by the dynamic websites. The web developer builds a website in a program, updates blogs and hand codes web pages in a text editor. Content management is also an important task handled by a web developer. The developers use an array of tools to create and edit websites using web-based interface.

To be a successful web developer, a professional needs to have knowledge of different aspects of web development and different tools. Small to large businesses rely on web development teams rather than using content management systems on own. Depending upon the projects they deal with, the web developers are categorized into different job titles, which include:

  • Front-end development
    The front-end developers are those who work on the front-end of the websites. They use CSS, HTML and provide JavaScript to make a static website more functional. They ensure that the website is eye-catching and makes sense.
  • Back-end development
    The back-end developers create applications and link them to a database on one end and the front end. They use Python, PHP and other server side languages. They are more focused on security rather than the design of the website.
  • App Development
    Though app development is different from web development; however, it uses the same skills as required for web development. App developers specialize in creating apps for iOS, Android and other devices.
  • Full-stack development
    The developers who have skills in both types of languages and they can easily build complete websites on own.

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How to start

If you are interested in becoming a web developer, you should enroll yourself in a course that prepares you for the challenges the profession poses. Before you build a portfolio or start looking for opportunities, you need to explore the scope of web development and learn the skills. Msxpert Solution is here to help you learn the skills and start working as web developer.


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Opportunities for web developers

Web developing is no doubt a promising career, which offers a huge scope for anyone who is interested in pursuing career in this field. IT and software companies offer a huge scope to the potential web developers and designers. The large IT companies employ experienced web developers who execute the deliverables in quick time. Some companies also welcome fresher who have attended rigorous training and who are eager to learn under the experienced seniors. This offers them the best opportunity to learn from experts who have already made a mark in the industry. Web developers can also develop a career in mobile application development, which cater to the billions of mobile users all over the world. The demand for the mobile applications is increasing day-by-day and this has lead to increase in the demand of application developers who have the right skills and talent. The companies seek easy to use, effective applications that can help them increase their revenue and business.

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What is MySQL Database?

MySQL is a fast, easy-to-use RDBMS used being used for many small and big businesses. MySQL is developed, marketed, and supported by MySQL AB, which is a Swedish company. MySQL is becoming so popular because of many good reasons.

  • MySQL is released under an open-source license. So you have nothing to pay to use it.
  • MySQL is a very powerful program in its own right. It handles a large subset of the functionality of the most expensive and powerful database packages.
  • MySQL uses a standard form of the well-known SQL data language.
  • MySQL works on many operating systems and with many languages including PHP, PERL, C, C++, JAVA etc.
  • MySQL works very quickly and works well even with large data sets.
  • MySQL is very friendly to PHP, the most appreciated language for web development.
  • MySQL is customizable. The open source GPL license allows programmers to modify the MySQL software to fit their own specific environments.

Know coding knowledge

The two technologies that are the building blocks of web development include HTML and CSS. You need to understand coding to be a successful web developer. You will have to learn many other languages besides using custom HTML and CSS. HTML helps you set the structure on your page and CSS helps you style or change the way the webpage looks.

Everyone starts with these two technologies. The developers widely use these technologies and use methods to manipulate them. You have to show your own versatility and creativity to create websites that meet the needs of the clients and help them get maximum visitors that convert into clients. If you are interested in building websites for online businesses and stores, then you need to know about different e-commerce platforms. You may need to develop responsive websites for your clients who want to capture attention on the web through mobile technology. You need to learn about media queries. In case. You are looking forward to work on WordPress sites, and then you need to learn how to build WordPress themes and know how to use PHP. You must learn the skills that focus on developing the skills that enable you to build particular types of sites.

Be a researcher

For a web developer, it is essential for you to be a good researcher. Your ability to research and look for information about the coding language will help you explore further. It is a skill to find the right information at the right place. Make yourself comfortable with the manuals and crucial resources to get greater insight into the coding language. These manuals and resources are a great source for learning and clearing one’s doubts. Internet is the best source, if you want to learn about anything or need any quick update.

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Learning@Msxpert Solutions

Msxpert Solutions has carved a niche for itself by offering the qualitative industrial training program for B.Tech, BCA, MCA and diploma students. The 6-month web development course is designed to prepare the students for the challenges in the field. After attending the comprehensive course, the students can develop simple to complex web applications, social networks and ecommerce websites. The ever-expanding web development industry offers a huge scope for the developers who have the ability. We train the students to use different platforms and web development tools that test and debug the code.


Course Details

Various technologies available for the web development training in Chandigarh include AJAX, JAVASCRIPT including JQuery, AngularJS, DRUPAL, ASP.net, CSS, HTML 5, PHP, WordPress, Node.js, etc. Our courses are designed by the experts who have extensive experience of web development and testing. From preparing the students for interview to developing their personality, our courses include everything that will offer you an edge over other job applicants. Our web development courses offer live projects for the practice of students.

We offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and outstanding classroom experience besides offering the best customer services. We ensure that when you leave our facility, you are equipped with all the skills and knowledge that you need for a successful learning experience. Our dedicated and friendly staff, enthusiastic instructors put in their best efforts to make you learn effectively.